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March 30th, 2008, 9:22 pm

The Truth...

In The Name Of Stealing Shin's Line Thingy Whatever! *Attacks every lie I ever told* For no reason at all I feel like Telling the truth, because, well. I've been a total Jackass and wanna be since I came back SJ.

Starting with, One My Real name is NOT Keven, It's Gerardo Mathurin. I only said that because I'm just like that, and I change Xevious' name To Xavier.

2. I like to kiss up to people who are higher in rank than me. (Shin for example) but still try to be a rebel.

3. I only got mad at Shin whenver he attacked me cuz I felt that he was cooler than me, So I was jealous, of Team Jingo.

4. I left SAA 2 Cuz I thought I wasn't really part of the cast, And becuase I was mad that I wasn't in the Halloween comic.

5. I made up a lie getting fucked up at a skatepark just to make people feel sorry for me. I was in a emo state at the time.

6. I just got all of this off my chest, And I get down on my knees and beg, Just let me back in to SAA, I'm just a wreck, I feel like I made enemys outta of my of my first few friend I made when I first came to SJ.

That's all, think of me what you wish while I got back into hiding. Insult me if you wish.

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